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Full-stack Web Developer

Full-time em Lisboa


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What's happening?

BLKO is quickly growing in both the number of clients and project complexity. We're looking for talented individuals to help us grow with the quality we seek to give our clients. You'll be part of our development team and you'll be engaged with every single step of the projects, from planning to execution and delivery.

What will I be doing?

As a software engineer you will:

  • Take part in project planning meetings and contribute with architectural, feature and planning choices from the get go.
  • You'll take on development responsibility, and ensure that both the code and procedures are maintainable, deliverable and have the highest possible quality we can deliver.
  • You'll help the team maintain quality across projects, be it through code review, bug fixing, troubleshooting, architectural choices, etc.
  • You'll help our clients take full advantage of the time we give them, be it by suggesting improvements on the requirements, pointing out possible flaws and making sure we use our time wisely.
  • We try to look ahead, the work we do today might come back in a year's time, maintainability is crucial whether or not it's us picking it up in the future.

What skills do I need?

  • This role is Web focused, so we need strong skill in terms of HTML / JS and CSS.
  • While we try to influence the choice of backend languages sometimes we have to pick up legacy systems or there are constraints around what language to use. For the most part projects created from scratch from us tend to be done in Ruby and every once in a while we also pick up PHP projects. You should be confident with at least one of these languages or similar High-level programming languages. We can help you settle in into any of the two, but we'll need you to be confident and learn quickly if needed.
  • Strong understanding of SQL databases - preferably PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Strong understanding of server configuration and deployment techniques either on AWS, Digital Ocean or similar.
  • Regardless of programming language, we need you to understand the importance of Deployment procedures and proper Code Versioning. All these things improve maintainability and we look for individuals that can help the team keep focus.

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