Part-time @ Trabalho remoto

Regime: Part-time
Localização: Trabalho remoto
Intervalo salarial: 800€ - 1,600€ / mês
Perfil pretendido: Intermédio
Dimensão da empresa: 1-10 empregados

Hey there!


At Puto we focus on creative motion graphics and character animation. We bring powerful stories to life by making things move. As the visual creator we are looking for a design wizard for our team, would you like to join us?


Stories can be tricky to tell, especially nowadays when everyone’s attention span is non-existent. At Puto, our process starts by taking super messy ideas and turning them into engaging stories. That’s where you come in. You will be able to find the clients voice, step up the creative foundation and help visualize all the ideas. Then, with some music and sound effects in the background, illustrations will come to life through animation.


As a motion designer you are motivated to animate a manifesto video for start-ups one day or to illustrate explainer videos for ONGs and companies the following week. You have the serenity and motivation to make each of these different stories come to life, that’s what inspires you.


What you bring to the team: 

  • Ingenuity
  • Storytelling
  • Creative inspiration
  • Tech insight
  • Research

What’s we need: 

  • Freelancers welcome
  • Dazzle us with your portfolio, we want to see everything
  • 3+ years in experience working at agencies, freelance commissions, or other digital products
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English   

Who is Puto 

  • We are a creative animation studio focused on motion graphics and character animation. So, basically, we make beautiful visuals move like magic.
  • We don’t want to overcomplicate but telling simple stories in an innovative way is hard. So, we scavenger the internet and sometimes the real world for ideas. Research is very important starting point for us.
  • We are chill and open to experimentation. We like to explore the unknown together to push creative weirdness forward.
  • We like to brainstorm together, but sometimes translating those concepts is hard. We present our concepts to each other and work with the client together to preserve their identity and ours.
  • Trusting each other is very important for us as we work as a team. We cultivate the same relationship with our client by taking responsibility for our part in the work we develop together.  


What we do 

  • We do Explainer videos, Animated shorts, Non-profit videos, Visual identity, Video production, Social media content, Website animation support, Case videos.
  • We are Lisbon-based and enjoying the nice weather while working with small clients and companies worldwide.
  • We like to get Monday morning to explore creative missions and personal development. These can be workshops, challenges, presentations or even to visit a museum trip.


  • Ambiente de trabalho criativo e colaborativo
  • Formação e desenvolvimento de competência
  • Fruta fresca todos os dias
  • Horário flexível
  • Seguro de saúde
  • Trabalhar a partir de casa 1 ou mais dias por semana
  • Dia de aniversário de folga
  • Sala de jogos (Ping-Pong, Matraquilhos, PS4, Wii, Xbox, etc)