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Trabalho freelance - Não tenho um orçamento definido

Tipo de projeto: Web Design
Orçamento: Não tenho um orçamento definido
Prazo de entrega: 1 a 2 meses

Descrição do projeto:

Dear Sirs,

My name is Adda Reikavitz. I have a company that manufactures and sells leather products for men (bags, wallets, belts and shoes).

I am taking a trip through the Middle East, and I plan to spend a time to live in Spain and Portugal. One of my ideas is to open a possible business in your country, so I would like to create my online presence, since I only sell in physical (my store) in my country.

I was looking for options to create my website when I got there in a couple of months, and I learned that your company offers the service I am looking for.

I have been seeing very beautiful websites of other fashion companies, and I realized that they all have some things in common.

For this, I would like to quote:

A website that has on one page about my story, on another page a photo gallery with the description of my products, another page with the information of my services because I do the maintenance of leather pieces, another page with the contact information, and a blog page. According to my calculations, there are 5 pages, unless you suggest me more.

I would like to know how much it costs, and if you provide the photography service. I carry with me 15 pieces of my latest collection.

On the other hand, I would like to know how much it costs but INCLUDING an online store. I'm not very good for technology, because I've always sold in my physical store. But if I decide to add an online store with my 15 products, what is the price?

As for the blog, I have some friends who have told me that something that helps people find me on the internet is to have texts. I have not written them yet, but I think I could do 3 or 5. If you offer the service of writing the texts for these leather products for men, I would also like to have a quote, please.

Finally, according to the language: I would like the page to be made in English which is the language spoken by most of my clients who are tourists. But when opening markets in Spain and Portugal, I think it is best to include English, Spanish and Portuguese. Is that possible?

My friends have told me that there are platforms like WIX, and they suggested me that because of my idea of the blogs. I hope you can guide me better.

Right now I am without a mobile phone line because I am still traveling. As soon as I arrive in your country, I get in touch.

I appreciate your time, and I look forward to the budget and your recommendations.



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