Video Start Up

Trabalho freelance - 500 - 1000 EUR

Tipo de projeto: Cinema, Vídeo & Animação
Orçamento: 500 - 1000 EUR
Prazo de entrega: 1 mês

Descrição do projeto:

Video Research on Platforms like Vimeo and Youtube + Tagging// We need someone, that can search all kinds of video platforms for videos following our briefing and criterias. you need to have a great visual taste and the ability to identify good video content. you can work remote from everywhere you like.

you don't need to have specific software skills. taste, conceptual thinking, receptivity and the ability to make rapid decisions will be more important. being familiar with marketing and advertising or video making will help.

This is a test run for a bigger project. if it goes well, this could turn into a regular freelance or job.

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