Sand Castles & Airplanes @ Maria Firmino


(II Design and Illustration Contest - CLi-FLUL)

These poster proposals, for the II Design and Illustration Contest, promoted by the Language Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, aim to promote language courses for young people from 10 to 16 during the summer.


(1st proposal)

In this first proposal I introduced the idea of four sand castles, made from buckets, each with a flag of a country of the languages taught.

I used a simplified design, with different tones so as to give volume to the shapes.
The sea arm appears as a suggestion of the moats built around the castles and refers to the idea of several cultures together in the same space.
After creating the illustration, I organized the main text in the upper left field and the lower right corner, making it easier to read the information and allowing a better understanding of the message.


(2nd proposal)

This time, I presented the concept of the aircrafts that pass with messages along the horizon. By replacing written messages with visual ones - flags of the countries of the taught languages - I wanted to free the poster from text and make it more appealing visually, arousing the curiosity of the recipients.

After some studies, and in view of the printing and the vertical format, I organized the elements so that the poster could "breathe" and contain only what's necessary, so that the desired message is better assimilated and in a shorter period of time.


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Sand Castles & Airplanes