( r/redditgetsdrawn )

Bellow, I present a series of digital illustrations depicting people who asked to be drawn on the Reddit community.

I had a lot of fun creating these, as I tried different styles and processes within Adobe Illustrator.

GRANDMA (Adobe Illustrator)

/baddhinky: "Could someone draw my sweet grandma as a cartoon- and add chef hat or any culinary items??"

URBAN (Adobe Illustrator)

u/er1end: "Would love to see my daughter drawn in an urban environment (...)Thanks, you rock!"

GF (Adobe Illustrator)

u/MeanGreenMachine93: "Can the lovely artists on reddit make this pic of my gf and I?She's new to reddit and wanted to give her a welcoming present!"

FAMILY PORTRAIT (Adobe Illustrator)

u/Lileapirals: "This year's family portrait (my husband, son, daughter, and I)"


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