APFH - Associação Portuguesa de Farmacêuticos Hospitalares (Portuguese Association of Hospital Pharmaceuticals) This project was the winner of a Portuguese contest, which need a new corporate identity.

APFH was established 20 years ago and it has a new manager who want to change something for 2013. Starting with the new corporate identity we present to you as the winner.

The logo is based on a new typeface for the identity in question. The letters 'APFH' were designed in a coherent way for a good result as well as for a good understanding. As a final result this it was based on a simple and contemporary visual language allowing it to be concise enough for a long time. Then, the 'H' is emphazied for linking the hospitals and pharmacies, in this case, is a cross that involves on the 'H' with soft lines, forcing the curves of the snake. At last, the logo can has a strong impact for its exclusive typography as well as the color was designed to obtain a young result and not too much childish.

T  H  A  N  K  S    F  O  R    W  A  T  C  H  I  N  G


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