Arcada is a conference cycle about Graphic and Industrial Design organized independently by design students from ESEIG-IPP. You can check out last year's project here.

We wanted to get away from last year's image, which was focused on the brand's acknowledgement, and establish ourselves as theme-driven, which would make each year's image completely different.

This year, for our second edition, we wanted to focus on our main theme: the job market and what to do once you've graduated.

To promote the event, we launched a 'blue movement' across facebook where we changed the profile pic of organizers, volunteers, other students and teachers and redirect them to our facebook page.

Since the job market is already overcrowded and we are yet to graduate, it seemed clear that finding a job wasn't going to be an easy task. It reminded us of whenever we try to open a webpage and it doesn't exist. It gives us an error message.
When it comes to not finding our job, it pretty much feels like the classic Blue Screen of Death.

As for our speakers, we invited designers who overcome the same challenges we are about to face, so that in sharing their personal experience on the matter we can cross off the 'NOT' and find our own job.

Design and Design International Award
Graphic Design of the Day (03/08/14)

Intro clips for each presentation

Featured on Behance Student Show on 25/8/2015


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