Manifesto do Designer Gráfico e do Cidadão Livre @ Gonçalo Sepulveda

O Manifesto do Designer Gráfico

e do Cidadão Livre

- 2015 -

This editorial piece is the result of the final project for my first year

of Master Degree in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects.

This red & black book is not only my manifesto, but it is also a gathering and memoir

of my investigation (written in both english and portuguese) regarding graphic design and its social purpose.

It has a strong, sober and elegant look to it, but what I am really proud of, is its content.


My power of will comes to my passion for graphic design and it gives birth to my cry for designers

all around the world to reconsider their values and priorities and also to not give to waste this beautiful

talent we have to make people connect, despite our cultural diferences.

I hope you enjoy.



This project is the one I had more pleasure working with to this day.

I am dedicated to continue this investigation and apply everything I've been learning

throughout my career in order to be a better designer and citizen.

I do it not only for myself but also to keep alive the ideas of the ones that I look up for.

And I am thankfull to everyone who motivates me.

It is for Albert Cammus, Jonathan Barnbrook, Katherine McCoy, Malcom X, Miguel Neiva,

Nelson Mandela, Pat Perry, Piérre Bernard, Sali Sasaki, Steven Sarson,

Victor Margolin, Victor Papanek, all the designers who signed the First Things First manifestos

and to all the others who try to transform our talent into a better profession.

To all the friends, teachers, artists who listened to my frustrated complaints

and specially to everyone who is in look for a grapich designer to raise your voice.



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Manifesto do Designer Gráfico e do Cidadão Livre