Power of Growing!


- 2014 -

Power of Growing! is a project and a brand that persuits the global spreading

of information and importance of growing your own food. In your house!

Food can also be your medicine. And there is not enough information out there to teach you that.

I picked Red Pepper, Pink Garlic and Asian Kiwi to be the content of my packaging.

The package works as an instruction flyer when opened, explaining how and when to plant the seeds,

when to harvest, the space they occupy and also their medical and body benefits

Now, all I want is a groovy smoothy logo.


For a more ecological package we reduced the illustration to a two-color printing.

The whole package is a strip of paper printed on front and verse,

designed to be fold into a triangle and is also easily stackable!

In a real case scenario the seeds

would be stapled inside the package.


Be curious and look up

what food can do for you.

Thank you!


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- Power of Growing -