Vitrina is an innovative design 
project devised as a contribution 
towards the promotion and 
revitalization of the visual street 
environment in downtown Porto by 
creating a series of dynamic 
window displays in commercial 
premises. Twenty students from 
the MA in Communication Design at 
ESAD were asked to create ten 
interventions as a way of 
exemplifying the creative potential 
of the union between design 
and commerce."

This was a group project, and the shops were chosen
by the teachers and randomly distributedto the groups.
Mosaico dos Sabores, was the shop that was given
to us (Inês and Margarida).
This is a Portuguese traditional product shop,
that also works as a bar/restaurant, placed in the
square Guilherme Gomes Fernandes.

The idea
Since the beginning of the project that we felt the need
to create something that could bring color and light
to the store. We thought about displaying the products
on the window, develop a lettering composition and
even an illustration made of stained glass.
In the end we came up with the idea of displaying the
containers of the products that they sell in the store.
This traditional Portuguese products are very typical
and can easily be identified by the container, this way
we could represent the products instead of the brands.

The color
Sticking up with the need to bring some light and color
to make the shop stand out we started to think how
should we present the objects. First we thought that
transparency would be a nice way to not stop the light to
enter the shop but after a while we understood that the
best way to bring attention was to paint it all in a very
bright color that could really shout out and capture the
attention of those who were passing by the shop.
We end up with yellow because the logo and coat of arms
of the store has yellow as predominant color and also
because it is the color of the armilary sphere
(in the Portuguese flag).

The tags
This tags represent what this products are selling: tradition.
The quotes in each sticker are popular portuguese sayings,
all related with food, since the store sells and serves food.
The blue and white were chosen because it stands out on
the yellow and is also in an element in the portuguese flag
named "quinas". 

The structure
This window had three already two shelves but since we
decided to display seven lines (jugs, wine bottles, beer
bottles, beens cans, sardine cans, honey jars and
olive oil bottles) we had to build some more.
We wanted them to be the most invisible possible so we
came up with a simple structure to create more glass
shelves using the existing ones as support.


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