"Vlad's Courtyard" - Small Stylized Environment UE4 @ Vítor Guerreiro

- "Vlad is the last descendant from his very old and noble yet sinister lineage. As such, he has to take care of his legacy - the 'Courtyard'. He has to tend the dead and keep the tombs safe from the Bounty Hunters that keep trying to breach in and steal samples from the Undead. They say the risk is worth it, for the Common Folk pay good money! They use these to study new ways to fight the mighty - deadly - terrifying Vlad's' Horde!"

"Vlad's Courtyard" was a challenge I proposed myself, the idea was to do 1 environment piece in one week. This was also my first time doing low-poly hand-painted assets (diffuse only, rendered with the Unreal Engine 4 lights), overall a new experience in which I've learned a lot! I also took the opportunity to play around with UE4 Sequencer and made the little animation for fun smiley.


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"Vlad's Courtyard" - Small Stylized Environment UE4