Celtiberian Citania - Celtiberian Settlement Environment UE4 @ Vítor Guerreiro

"In ancient times these two peoples, namely, the Iberians and the Celts, kept warring among themselves over the land, but when later they arranged their differences and settled upon the land altogether, and when they went further and agreed to intermarriage with each other, because of such intermixture the two peoples received the appellation given above. And since it was two powerful nations that united and the land of theirs was fertile, it came to pass that the Celtiberians advanced far in fame and were subdued by the Romans with difficulty and only after they had faced them in battle over a long period." - Diodorus Siculus (c.90–c.20 BCE)

This Environment consists of a Celtiberian Village and the surrounding area. It's set in a mountainous terrain, near the sea. This is a fictional place I invented based on some research and real locations from my country, so despite being a fictional setting I hope this project carries some level of historical accuracy.


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Celtiberian Citania - Celtiberian Settlement Environment UE4