Combining new technologies with ancient techniques, these made in Portugal decorative pieces intent to represent different fears in a fun and twisted way.

The Modern Gargoyles collection is an attempt to preserve a traditional technique in a fight against all the machinery that can extinguish this craft. The 3.0 Industry support was used to enhance this technique instead of replacing it. Using the “Tiger Skin” stone from Vila Viçosa - Portugal as the main material, the artisan’s take the best of their local marble to produce any kind of form. Representing five different fears from Coulrophobia (Clown), Mysophobia (Micro), Anthropophobia (Human), Scopophobia (Eyes), to Instability (Swinger) this collection brings fun to any house simply as decorative objects that caricature your fears and nothing else. Like poetry in your home, these soft to the touch marble pieces are finished with gold leaf to enhance the details of their expression and contrast with the grayish look of the stone.

Dimensions: aprox. 45 x 30 x 30cm
Materials: Tiger Skin Marble, Gold Leaf


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