The largest and most diverse festival dedicated to Portuguese music, BONS SONS takes place every year in the village of Cem Soldos, Tomar. Organized by SCOCS, the local cultural association, BONS SONS acts as a platform to promote Portuguese music, where the audience can discover emerging projects as well as reconnect with renowned musicians.

In addition to being a Portuguese music festival, BONS SONS is, first and foremost, an unparalleled experience. The village of Cem Soldos is closed and its perimeter marks out the festival venue. Inside, 8 stages, each hosting a dedicated programme, blended seamlessly with the village’s streets, squares, the church and other facilities. In addition to this unique atmosphere, BONS SONS fosters a close engagement with its audience while involving the population in the making of the festival. It is the locals who welcome and serve festivalgoers, in a unique communion between hosts and visitors that affords an unparalleled experience of a music event.

A thoughtfully designed programme, the entire village of Cem Soldos as venue and the involvement of the locals in the Festival are unique traits that set BONS SONS apart in the Portuguese cultural scenario.
In addition to raising audience awareness, the primary goal of BONS SONS is to contribute to local development by boosting the economy and contributing to keep the younger population in the region.

The design is composed of illustrative elements with naive shapes and vivid colors in order to represent the festive atmosphere of Cem Soldos and the handcrafted side of the festival.

Creative Direction: Rita Morgado and Inês Vidal | Ilustrations: Paulo Graça

Graphic Design: Paulo Graça, Raquel Piteira, Miguel Atalaia | © bons sons, 2016


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