(External hard drive 3.5'')

This external hard drive concept draws inspiration from the notion of Streamline.

This are some of the sketches I made during the development of Swift

At this stage I had to narrow my choices so I chose two concepts to advance to the next stage of the process. This two concepts were a mix of what I felt were the best features of the whole group, and the also had to be appealing and easy to manufacture.

So I took this two concepts and I prototyped them to see how they looked in real life.

After making the prototypes I chose one of them to be my final concept and I made a CAD model of it.

This CAD model was then used to make some renders to see how my final product would look like in real life. I also used this model to explore diferent colours and finishing touches.

After some deliberation I chose the final colours of the product

As a final stage, I did renders of the product being used to see how it would fit in different work environments.

As a bonus here are some renders of the internal components of the HDD.

And it's DONE!

Critiques are always welcome!


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