Modern Times. Do not feed the drones.

Claire Goes to the Clairvoyant. Would you want to see your future ahead of time?

Job Interview. Will Jesus get the job?

Cops on Coffee Break. Published on Aug. 10 2015, the day after the season finale of True Detective Season 2, which puzzled both fans and critics.

Put Your Values in the Bank. Good old nonsense.

iExpire. Published on March 31 2016, the day of the launching of iPhone SE, only six months after iPhone 6 and 6S,

Confessions to a Teenage Daughter. Now that's bad news for a young Russian Doll.

The Diagnostic. Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic.

Water on Mars. Published on Sep. 28 2015, the day after some dudes at NASA found evidence of water in the red planet.

The Chase. New age cops.

Spiderman. Cultural appropriation or cultural exchange?


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