Nutry is the national juice brand in Angola and is the market leader in many African countries.
This iconic brand is proudly produced with 100% Angolan ingredients.The brief embraced the Angolan financial crisis head-on. Low-cost products were plundering the market, and Nutry felt the need to communicate and highlight it's higher quality comparatively against its competitors.

Nutry’s marketers felt that the old packaging design wasn’t positioning the brand as a market leader
and the new design should position the brand as the best offer on the market, with regards to quality.
Overall design strategy, ''The pride to be Angolan and African'' was the starting point for this project.

We had identified assets that we could explore and highlight, to bring the real Africa into the packaging.

The inspiration came from the Angolan culture, it’s people, it’s colours, and it’s flavours. We were very much inspired by the vibrant capulanas sarongs upon women's heads.

The design is dedicated to the women who represent Angolans as everyday heroes, a symbol of African roots and a sense of national pride.

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