Design, Art Direction & illustration for DOM, a brand new company that develops unique handmade pieces, motivated by curiosity and inspired by pure lines and simple shapes.

The identity structure was designed from simple shapes: a circle, half circle, square, rectangle and triangle which were layered to create the DOM logo.

The patterns on DOM products are very peculiar and unique and give us a lot of graphics assets with good detail.

The idea was always to draw the brand identity with the same principle that the vases are made, and whenever possible, use manual techniques to obtain rustic, imperfect, unique and spontaneous shapes.

The idea arose of using paper and making cutouts (or tearing spontaneously) and using marbling techniques to obtain patterns similar to the vases. With these techniques, we can get infinite patterns and combinations that will be used throughout the brand identity.

With this process we can present DOM in a direct, realistic, artistic and spontaneous way.

CLIENT: DOM Handmade - Priscila Coutinho
RETOUCHING: Tiago Moutinho
PHOTOGRAPHY - DOM Handmade - Instagram
GIFs: The Grinder /  Sadmonstelina


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DOM Handmade

DOM is an brand new company who develops unique handmade vases made with concrete, motivated by curiosity and inspired by pure lines and simple shapes.