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Tellytrack is part of Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Limited is a JSE listed entity, which is licensed to operate horseracing and totalisator betting in seven of South Africa’s nine provinces. South Africas leading Horse Racing broadcasting house!

Tellytrack is a Horse-racing, highlights and Sports Betting Television channel on DSTV (239), giving you the latest tips on exotic Bets and the latest racing news.

As you understand, betting, horseracing, and movement were the main points of inspiration during the working process, The client approached us with the ultimate goal of making a new visual identity design for the 5 Tellytack Channels starting from their initial South Africa market to  international users increasing brand awareness.

The combination between the arrow, symbolizing speed and dynamism, and the stallion’s head in movement, generates a sense of stamina, velocity and power, reinforced by the the horsehair, blowing in the wind.

The arrows also invoke the betting industry, more precisely bets and money going in and out, highlighting the association between horse races with sports betting.

The main channel will employ a broad color scheme, according to different jockeys’ jerseys, while the secondary channels will use a more restrictive palette, based on each channel’s main color.

Being the arrows and the horse the base elements of the rebranding, we are using the new logo, containing those elements, to open and close the new generic Tellytrack video. The horse head and the arrow start the journey, and new arrows are generated to symbolize new bets and the start of a new race.

The following animations will carry the viewer to the thrill of the race tracks and sports betting, with suspense, speed, adrenaline distress and joy are always present. For the transitions between animations we use simple geometric shapes inspired by the jockeys jerseys, that also provide a glimpse into the next animation.

The arrows and its animation speed will increase throughout the video, emulating the final moments of a race. Finally, the new logo will bring closure to the generic video.


Year: 2018

Company: wTVision

Design & Art Direction: Renato Menino

Storyboard: Renato Menino

Motion: Renato Menino

Client: Phumelela Gaming


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