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Lingvista Web App

The Problem

Hospitals receive patients with multiple languages on a daily basis and hospital translation services can be critically important. A mistranslation in medical subject matter can be a matter of life and death.Hospitals interpretation and translations services aren’t new but the way communication between facilities, agencies, and service providers work is still not efficient.

My Role

When Gopi (Lingvista founder) approached me, he had a great idea for the product already. I was responsible for the creation of user stories, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, and interface design. Once the product design was completed, I was also responsible for the design and development of the landing page.

User Flows

To better understand the problem and the users, we started by doing user research and interviews. Based on the valuable information we gathered from the research, we created the app user flows.


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Lingvista - Web app e Landing Page

Eu fui responsável pela estratégia e pela criação de toda a experiência digital, incluindo user-stories, user flow, wireframes, protótipos e design da interface