Visuals developed for

KFC Bulgaria


This work was made during my time at NEXT-DC, digital agency ~

These images are property of NEXT-DC. Copyright is reserved by them and they are the result of a multi-disciplinary team's work. No copywriting was developed by me.


I N S T A G R A M :

Copy on the left: You can leave the best for Santa. Or dessert.

Copy on the right: This is what the warmest hug looks like. Everyday day we celebrate the day of hug with the best we are capable of: 100% fresh chicken meat. 🍗❤️

Copy on the left: If love goes through the stomach, it certainly goes through KFC. 💓

Copy on the right: Monday means only one - every second fillet/zinger menu for home is half price. Good enough occasion to order it right now on 0700 11 999 or online at www.kfc.bg. 📣🍔🍟

Copy above: The field is prepared, to choose from which team are you?nbsp;🍗

Copy on the left: Spicy Summer adventure, who's with us? You can find us in Burgas and Sunny Beach. ☀️⛱

Copy on the right: Twister Mexican Salsa grows in unusual places, but we can deliver it to your door. 🌵🍔 order online at www.kfc.bg or pick it up from KFC restaurants.

Carousel copy: We give you at least 10 reasons to add Twister in your life 🌯 do you have to add more?

KFC template on 'History': #throwbackthursday with Coronel Sanders

KFC template on 'About Our Chicken': Our chicken - always freshly cooked Bulgarian chicken.

KFC template on 'Promotions': All menus listed with price.


F A C E B O O K :

Copy on the left: Looking for a Christmas motive to go to KFC? We have at least 11.

Copy on the right: Not for all gifts you have to write postcards. Try our double ho-ho-ho burger or order on 0700 11 999.

Copy on the left: We're pretty sure that in time, the home supplies will look like this. If you want to order, go on 0700 11 999 or online at www.kfc.bg 🍗🍟🍔

Copy on the right: We all see Zingers, but there's a Roker cheese sandwich out there somewhere. Can you find it?nbsp;🍔

Copy on the left: Spin the whole world on your finger. Choose KFC on your side. 🍗⚽

Copy on the right: Guacamole Nuggets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's how we imagine things. 🥑🥑🥑 Try them in our restaurants in August.


Client: KFC

Agency: NEXT-DC, creative agency

Creative Director: Momchil Zakhariev

Graphic Designer: Ana Mendes

Copywriter: Yanitsa Dobreva

Special thanks to other designers mentorship: Konstantin Atanasov & Evgenia Nikolova

January - September, 2018


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Visuals for KFC Bulgaria

Visuals made for KFC Bulgaria social media, while in NEXT-DC, with its multi-disciplinary team