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This work was made during my time at NEXT-DC, digital agency ~

These images are property of NEXT-DC. Copyright is reserved by them and they are the result of a multi-disciplinary team's work. No copywriting was developed by me.

Turmirin® BioSlim is a nutritional supplement containing turmeric and a standardized extract of black pepper.

• Strengthens metabolism, prevents fat build-up and facilitates degradation

• Helps natural digestion

• Favores the function of the immune system

• It contributes to normal bile function

• Protects cells from oxidative stress

Visual on the left: I'll be me / You'll be you

Visual on the middle: Always worth it

Visual on the right: Do it

Bottom text: Live with ease.

Visuals above with the main ingredients, turmeric and BioPerin, extracted from black pepper.

Bottom text: Master your shape.

Visual on the left: I do it for myself

Visual on the right: Tell your story and win Turmirin BioSlim.

Visual on the left: Master your shape

Visual on the right: Beauty is for everyone

Visual on the left: the female body is designed to be loved

Visual on the right: In your pharmacy


Client: Turmirin® BioSlim

Agency: NEXT-DC, creative agency

Creative Director: Momchil Zakhariev

Creative Concept: Evgenia Nikolova & Ana Mendes

Copywriter: Yanitsa Dobreva & Viktoria Marinova

Artworker: Ana Mendes

Special thanks to other designers mentorship: Evgenia Nikolova

July, 2018


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Visuals for Turmirin BioSlim

Visuals made for Turmirin BioSlim social media, while in NEXT-DC, with its multi-disciplinary team.