O Nosso Quintal - The Great Adventure @ Pedro Rolo

"O Nosso Quintal"

Something like - "Our Backyard" - The World

Why? Because our World could be as big as our imagination.
Marcos, Cris and Caetano are arguably a happy family and so is this adventure they are building.
From their hometown São Paulo in Brazil, going through Alasca in the US, they will live an amazing experience.

It all started when they asked me to do something inspiring and personal to illustrate and follow them
on a long journey around the world.

I knew I would have a great commitment in my hands and once more
that was the reason to accept the challenge.
I worked hard for three days to get the illustration ready to delivery for print before they start travelling.
Have fun by travelling through this colorful project!

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O Nosso Quintal - The Great Adventure