Wodify x NCFIT, Partnering up for new business opportunities

Gym owners usually spend in average 10 hours every week programming workouts. We wanted to help them using their time in a better way: growing their business.

Wodify and the NCFIT Collective have partnered to help gym owners save time and effort by delivering curated, customisable fitness programming right to their Wodify account.

Presenting itself as a valuable proposition, this partnership not only allows gym owners to focus on more strategic sides of their business, but it was a next step for a new Wodify product: creating a WOD marketplace.



— 300+ customers in 60 days


Creative Direction + Design + Video coordination


Pedro Morgado, David Picco, Design

Vasco Pereira, Front-end

Connor Coleman, Filipe Miranda, Video

Manuel Garcia, Animation

Jason Khalipa, CrossFit celebrity with 1/2M instagram fans, allowed us bigger engagement and sales rates.

A four-episode series and social media collateral was shot in a vacant office floor, in Philadelphia downtown.

To access the video series, users had to subscribe to a blog list and an email campaign would be triggered.


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