Northern Promontory, Geiranger Norway 2013 @ Joana Ferreira

Beauty, Inspiration, Magic, Spellbound, Enchantment, are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about the breathtaking view from the site pictures of Geiranger.

The NorthernPromontory proposed acts as a place for serenity, silence, intimacy and amazement, as it also offers a viewing platform that establishes a bonding link between the village, the natural environment and the sky. The project embraces the experience of the location and nature as it prolongs itself towards the heart of the fjord bay.

The concrete slab-like promontory generates a clear dialogue between nature and man, bringing them together. The design creates a series of prepositional relations that describe the unique and overwhelming spatiality of the site.

As a promontory, the building acts as a prominent mass that overlooks the water and the fjord. The rock-like external concrete look and the minimal design of the facades give the project the look of a floating slab. This minimalistic design achieves a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment without changing drastically the village overall image and landscape. Nevertheless the building clearly distinguishes itself from the existing reality.


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Northern Promontory, Geiranger Norway 2013