Tin-Heart (Coração de Lata) @ Inês Pedro Borges

Coração de lata, or in english Tin-heart its my first ilustrated story that i've made. It tells the story of a small robot called Urion that lives in a world where everything is made out of plastic and metal and there is no longer any green in the world. The enhabitants of this world are only robots like him that live in the surfice at day and in the underground at night.

But one day, Urion decides to enter in a cave that every robot was afraid of. In this cave he finds something special. A flower that contains the memories of the past world, where humans were still arround. How will he react to this? Well, its up to you to find out in the pages bellow here.

The book has no words, but i found out that perhaps i shoud do a new version of this story with words and essencially silhuetes for the character, but this secound version is still in progress.

I couldn't make this book without the help of my teachers, Nicholas and Inês, from which i took this specialised course of ilustrated book. Please watch their our in their website http://casaniceines.blogspot.pt/ and if you are from Portugal and happen to live in Lisbon their workshops are worth it. This one is a long one that costs 120 € but you havethe material included and you learn a lot in it - technics for ilustration, how to work the basis in indesign and photoshop and how to do this specific binding. The small workshops are 12€ and there is so much to choose, so give it a shot if you love art and crafts ;)

this is a preview of the silhouette style for the remake.... but i'm not sure if i should do extreme contrast (only two colors) or continuing shades and keep it monochromatic (a color for space or everything in black and white)


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Tin-Heart (Coração de Lata)