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Hello, I'm Stephen Philipe Bellotto, a 36-year-old Brazilian whose roots extend beyond the borders of Brazil. My ancestry is a colorful tapestry of Italians, Chileans, and Argentinians, a blend of cultures that has enriched my life in unimaginable ways. And to make this journey even more fascinating, I found love and harmony in the form of a Portuguese woman who is now my life partner.

My creative odyssey began in the sunny lands of Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil, at Impressul Indústria Gráfica. It was there that I discovered myself as a die-cut machine operator, a versatile designer, and a pre-press expert in the CTP department. My hands shaped raw materials, while my mind conceived custom designs and color profiles, turning offset printers into true works of art. Impressul, my first stop after completing my graphic design course, offered me the opportunity to grow professionally and absorb knowledge like a sponge hungry for experiences.

Following my journey, Dumke Comunicação Visual welcomed me into its ranks. In this new chapter, I became a digital printer and an adhesive specialist. I led grand projects, navigating through different industries like a fearless captain. I learned to tame the DGI, the large-format digital printer, and dance with ROLAND, the cutting plotter. I got involved in vehicle wrapping and signage projects, where my skilled hands brought huge billboards to life, and each project was delivered with a guarantee of excellence.

Next, Gaivota Impressão Digital called me to join their team. Here, I was a digital printer and graphic designer for almost three years. At Gaivota, where large format reigned supreme, I operated high-quality digital printers and mastered the art of spectrophotometry, ensuring accurate colors on vinyl and paper for high-resolution digital prints. I delved deep into the world of visual communication, producing technically impeccable works.

But the pinnacle of my journey was yet to come when I took on the role of Art Director at CMC Agency. In this prestigious marketing and video production agency, my ideas came to life in nationally-reaching projects. Advertising campaigns for giants like Seara, Condor, and Marfrig Group became my creative battlefield. I received awards and distinctions, including the shiny silver medal at the Catarinense Manchester Award in the advertising and propaganda category.

Next, my journey led me to Domp Agency, where I was elevated to the position of Creative Director. For two years, I led the creation and production of advertising materials and videos for heavyweight names like Malwee Group, Lunelli, and Unimed. I was recognized for my work through awards and distinctions in industry competitions.

Then, I proudly served as Art Director at Woop Comunicação, an agency specialized in industrial marketing, for over three years and nine months. At Woop, I built visual identities, created brands, manipulated images, and designed stunning animations for renowned clients.

And then, my career took a continent and ocean leap when I became a Senior Art Director and Animation Designer at Dedica Group, based in New York, USA. For two years and seven months, my creativity soared, contributing to graphic and animation projects for world-renowned brands. My trophy shelf grew, with awards like the Lusophone Creativity Award and the National Advertising Award.

After my professional journey working on projects for the United States, I crossed the Atlantic and landed in Portugal, at the prestigious MANTRA. In the role of Senior Art Director and Animator, I had the honor of leading remarkable projects for renowned clients such as the Government of Cape Verde, Unitek, Unitel, and Tecnicil Indústria. The walls of my office bear witness to the achievement of a total of 20 awards, including 4 bronzes and 5 silvers, which include a distinguished honorable mention at the 2021 Lusophone Creativity Award. In 2022, I was honored with 5 bronzes at the Pitcher Awards, and in 2023, I added 4 more bronzes to my portfolio at the Lusophone Creativity Award, including a bronze in the 2023 edition, thanks to my most recent and prestigious recognition with the Gringo agency.

And now, my creative hat rests at Glitnor Group in Sliema, Malta. As a Senior Graphic Designer and Animation Designer, I am responsible for creating captivating graphics and animated videos to promote the company's online casino games. Glitnor Group is an international reference, and my work is recognized and celebrated in the industry.

For me, each project is a symphony of images and sounds, where creativity merges with technique to create visually stunning experiences.

I believe the secret to a powerful brand lies in its essence, in its truth. It's necessary to know it inside and out, explore its qualities, and admit its weaknesses. A brand is more than design and communication; it's a shared story between the brand and the customer, built with planning, creativity, and love.

In this journey filled with colors and shapes, I am constantly improving, exploring new technologies, and seeking innovative solutions to deliver exceptional results. I am passionate about the power of visual communication and the impact it can have on brands and people.

I look forward to continuing my creative odyssey, exploring new opportunities, and leaving my mark in the world of design and animation. I thank you in advance for your attention, and I can't wait to meet you. You can find my contact information below. The future is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with new stories and achievements. Let's create something extraordinary together!

Building memorable brands


In today's increasingly dynamic and competitive business landscape, marketing plays an essential role in differentiating brands and building lasting relationships with customers. This reflection is a personal exploration of my vision of marketing, a journey that reveals how I understand and value this multifaceted discipline. As I share my perspectives on marketing, I invite recruiters and industry professionals to get to know my unique approach and my commitment to creating meaningful connections that drive business success in today's world.

I believe we all agree that the central goal of any company entering the market is to create a strong, relevant brand capable of sustaining profitable and enduring growth. Regardless of the industry we operate in, whether we're selling soft drinks or smartphones, the pursuit of relevance and customer recall is ongoing. But how can we truly achieve that relevance? How do we build a robust, profitable, and sustainable brand? After years of working in advertising agencies, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with giants like Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Lycra, Honda, Millennium Bank, among others, I realized that the secret shared by these leading brands is the creation of memorable experiences for their customers. It's not just about selling products or services; what great brands have in common is the construction of solid branding strategies.

In the roots of marketing, when companies entered the market with traditional marketing techniques, the approach was quite different. For example, Samsung used to advertise its smartphones with arguments like, "Buy our smartphone; it has 12 megabytes of storage, a high-resolution screen, is durable, and the battery lasts up to 12 hours. Buy now!" On the other hand, Apple, today the world's most valuable brand, when they launched their first iPhone, adopted a radically different and innovative approach for the time: "Buy the iPhone; it's an Apple!" That's it. They weren't selling technology, features, or specifications; they were selling an experience. But how can we create an authentic experience with our customers? How can we build that emotional connection? The subject is vast, but I'd like to share a summary of what I consider a fundamental starting point for brands aiming to establish deep relationships with their customers.

A Set of Actions to Soar Higher!

Imagine an airplane. Today, we know that aviation is one of the safest means of transportation in the world. However, even the safest airplanes can encounter problems due to a variety of factors. For a safe plane to crash, a series of errors must occur simultaneously. For example, imagine the pilot fell ill, the co-pilot got stuck in the restroom, the weather was bad, there was a technical issue with the control tower, and a screw came loose in the turbine, among other events. All of these events need to happen at the same time to cause an aviation accident. Essentially, aviation accidents are rare because they require the convergence of multiple simultaneous failures.

Now, take this idea into the business world. To build a strong and memorable brand, it also takes a set of actions that work together to elevate the brand to success. One of the most widely accepted methodologies in the world of marketing is branding. Branding is a set of actions that, when combined, create a brand experience, encompassing techniques such as brand design, semiotics, color psychology, sensory marketing, institutional marketing, promotional marketing, defining tone of voice, archetypes, brand DNA, among others.

Building this positive emotional memory in the collective consciousness is not easy, but it's essential when seeking leadership in an increasingly competitive market where customers are becoming more demanding.

From Inside Out

A rule I consider crucial is the "4 Ps": Product, People, Processes, and Promotion. When a company seeks excellence, profitability, and sustainability, it must pay attention to these four pillars. The first "P" is Product. Questions like, "Is our product really good? Does it have a unique selling point? What makes it superior to competitors?" are fundamental. Product quality is just the starting point.

Next comes the "P" of People. Having a trained and qualified team in strategic roles is vital to ensure that the company runs smoothly. Finding the right people is a challenge, but valuing and empowering talents when found is crucial. Every team member should align with the company's culture, share its vision, and purposes.

Processes, represented by the third "P," are the backbone of the company. Clarity of objectives and organizational culture must be disseminated throughout the team, from the cleaning staff to the CEO. Each employee should be an ambassador of the brand, promoting it genuinely and believing in the company they represent. The brand should be lived from the inside out.

Last but not least, the fourth "P" is Promotion. After having a good product, a committed team, and efficient processes, the company needs to sell. Well-executed marketing is a combination of different elements working in sync. Regardless of the industry, marketing is, at its core, a form of sales adapted to the sector.

In summary, the 4 Ps are crucial in any marketing strategy. There's no point in investing in marketing if what we're selling isn't authentic, lacks purpose, or doesn't create a genuine and impactful emotional experience.

The Magic Word is Branding

Branding goes beyond logos or products; it's about creating an authentic and humanized experience. In a world where technology becomes increasingly prevalent, creating more human brands is essential. People aren't just seeking products or services; they're seeking experiences. That's why leading brands invest in sensory marketing and a humanized experience.

Even with automation and the growing presence of artificial intelligence today, people desire real connections, even in virtual environments. Brands need to focus on building a memorable experience throughout the entire customer journey. Creating relevant content, personalization, and the pursuit of genuine and authentic relationships and experiences are crucial to establishing that connection.

Building an Organic Connection

The attraction strategy, or inbound marketing, is essential for acquiring customers organically. By responding to customer questions with relevant content and offering useful information, you build a relationship of trust. This involves creating valuable content on blogs, social media, and other channels, capturing the interest of the audience.

Personalization and a deep understanding of customers are essential for building a strong emotional connection. Moreover, telling authentic and engaging stories that resonate with the values of the target audience is an effective way to establish a lasting connection. Brands should constantly seek innovation, use customer feedback, and adopt technologies to enhance the experience.

Creativity as a Differentiator

Creativity plays a vital role in differentiating a brand. Quality is the minimum expectation, but creativity is what truly stands out. Creativity is closely linked to sensory marketing and can be applied to all aspects of the customer journey.

By removing obvious and traditional elements from your industry and finding creative solutions, you create a unique experience for your customers. Creativity should not be underestimated, as it's what makes your brand truly memorable.


Customer experience is crucial for building a memorable brand. By establishing an authentic, personalized, and consistent emotional connection, companies can stand out in a competitive market. Investing in the pillars of branding, understanding customer needs, and constantly seeking innovation are fundamental strategies. Placing the customer at the center of strategies and prioritizing excellence in the experience are the keys to winning customer loyalty and enthusiasm, creating a lasting competitive advantage.

Personalization and a deep understanding of customers are essential for establishing a strong emotional connection. By providing a consistent experience in all interactions, from the first contact to after-sales support, brands demonstrate care and appreciation for each customer as a unique individual.

Authentic and engaging stories have the power to create identification and a sense of belonging. Telling narratives that resonate with the audience's values and aspirations is an effective way to establish a lasting connection. Additionally, brands should constantly seek innovation, use customer feedback, and adopt technologies to enhance the experience, ensuring their relevance in an ever-evolving landscape.

In summary, customer experience is a crucial competitive differentiator. By placing the customer at the center of strategies and investing in personalization, consistency, authentic storytelling, and continuous innovation, brands can earn customer loyalty, stand out in the market, and build a memorable image.

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