Athena Model (Design Gráfico e Editorial) @ Carolina Cravinho

The Strategic Design in the Service Sector: Impact on the Micro and SMEs Service Companies


"The primary purpose of this research was to design a model aimed at Portuguese service SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) pursuing Sustainable Growth and Longevity (SGL) centred in design knowledge and potential, and based on contemporary Portuguese issues.

The theoretical model was designed to create, integrate, and synthesise knowledge from several areas through design, allowing its use by businesses and companies. The model focusses on intrinsic matters (entrepreneur/team), internal subjects (company/business), external issues, and company design, through Strategic Design, Service Design and Design Thinking.

Portuguese service SMEs were studied. The triangulation with theoretical knowledge was incorporated into the research and the model. Version 1.1 was evaluated by Experts’ interviews, and their relevant inputs were included in version 1.2. The conclusions were obtained through answering the Research Questions, verification of the Hypothesis and the Objectives achievement.

Knowledge and use of the model may raise companies’ performance, specifically Portuguese service SMEs pursuing SGL.

The model demonstrates that it is possible to co-design companies and their SGL. Through design, namely Strategic Design, Service Design, and Design Thinking, and through raising the levels of design intervention within companies, it is possible to design better companies and businesses, increasing their benefits to society and the economy."

Ph.D. Researcher Author – Teresa Serpa

Editorial Design – Carolina Cravinho

Publisher – Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade de Lisboa


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Athena Model (Design Gráfico e Editorial)

(Bolsa de Investigação FCT) Suporte na construção Gráfica e Editorial, criação de Identidade Visual e Manual Gráfico para a Tese de Doutoramento: “The Strategic Design in the Service Sector: Impact on the Micro and SMEs Service Companies” de Teresa Serpa.