Delirium Mag came from the proposal for a publication, both physical and digital, that involves certain parameters, but the most emotional thing is to leave them and take the place of artistic director. This fictional publication was requested in order to be transdisciplinary, hence the unusual mix between Psychology and Fantastic Art. The main focus is to get an article and an interview. The interview was made especially with the contribution of the artist Marcela Bolívar, to whom I give the most sincere thanks. Additionally, three different types of covers were requested, which were illustrated with the works of Allen WilliamsVirginie Ropars and Marcela Bolívar.


Recomenda as competências de Liliana Patrícia Marques Silva

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Fantastic Art and Psychology Magazine

Apresentação de protótipo da revista "Delirium: Fantastic Art & Psychology Magazine", focada no design editorial.