"The real progress of the human being exists in our minds, as we expand our understanding of the world around us and how we relate to it. Where cultures spread across several continents mark their history for a long time, mirroring each one a true sense for each one of us.
The human being always had the need to leave a footprint in this world, to evolve, to move, to live and build something else. A need that today we see anywhere we look. We evolved a lot since since our existence in this world, expressing our capabilities in all shapes and creating a civizacional and incredible world around us. We are still a being under construction, but we went through a long period in our history, looking today for the ups and downs that we, as humans, suffered.

“Um ser humano é um ser que está constantemente “em construção”, mas também, em paralelo, sempre num estado de destruição constante.”

José Saramago