Cinemundo is a Portuguese movie channel, founded in 2014. 

To go along with the TV channel's success, Cinemundo chose wTVision to partner up and create a new and modern experience for the viewers.


We've used a 3D version of the logo surrounded by the classic movie spotlights, granting the proper cinematic charisma. It was produced in 3 different colours, to provide enough flexibility for any circumstance. 

A full graphic system was produced to work together with this concept, so all the branding could be consistent, across any medium or platform.

Main Bumper

A special bumper was designed to easily change both the overall look and any footage for each special occasion, like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, and so on. Everything was produced,

pre-rendered and tracked so any video editor can quickly swap footage and render a new bumper with a minimum effort.


Cineflash is a Tv Show about Cinema and backstages. 

It has also been improved with a new Logo, Opener, Commercial Break and 

On-air graphics.


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Cinemundo - Rebranding