Flow - Graphic Design @ Carlos Bezerra

After creating the animation the marketing team had another challenge.

The brief:

  • create a series of boards for a social media campaign (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • the posts must have the following information "Flow by Laane Design", "New Design" and a CTA "Discover More".
  • It's crucial to highlight the versatility of Flow, show that while it is a contemporary piece it fits well even on a more classic setting.

The Solution:

  • I decided to take a similar route as I did before, and taking full advantage of the 3D interiors and renders used on the animation, I re-used the panels as the base for the campaign.
  • This allows me to create a strong and cohesive style through out and create a sense of unity.
  • I created a series of boards for each situation : the product in different interior styles, boards with details of the product in different colours and played with the tone of the boards by having a playful solution vs a more structured and serious one.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional personal project. The sofa used is Ada-Mame by B&B Italia. I don't own any rights to the product.


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Flow - Graphic Design

A personal project showing how I would approach a social media campaign to promote a specific product. Everything was created in Blender+Affinity Photo.