Yo La Tengo

Calligraphy Mural

In early 2020 I had the chance to collaborate with Homem Em Catarse on the occasion of the release of his latest album. For the video of the single ‘Yo La Tengo’, I painted an almost abstract calligraphy mural. I tried to emulate the hypnotic sensation of the song. With an ever crescendo of a looping instrumental, it builds up until the end, where you can barely hear its name.

With the act of painting, I followed the same intention. I started to slowly write with distinct and readable words and built up the intensity with overlapping words, written in more and more emotion. The final texture was, in the end, to be felt rather than read. For the ending shot of the video, I painted the name in straight letters on top of the composition.

Plastic paint on concrete wall // 2x2mt // Jan 2020


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Yo La Tengo — Calligraphy Mural

Calligraphy mural, painted and shot for the music video of the single "Yo La Tengo" by Homem Em Catarse