Signs for Freedom

Sign Painting

Street Art Intervention

The street-art festival No-Walls challenges us to question and reflect upon liberty and its meaning in different social environments. As my intervention was located right by the elementary school of Queijas, I knew I wanted to do something that would involve these young kids somehow. I started to think about liberty and education, and the relation between the two. In the end, I made a composition of several “signs” that strive to guide the children towards liberty. Set in a colourful and joyful tone, with many different styles, sizes weights, and bright colours, the composition is visually busy and emulates a happy protest. Some of the signs are “faux” but some of them were actually made out of wood and screwed onto the final volume!

With a whopping total of 257 characters, this was the most letters I’ve painted for any projected by far. It was a challenging couple of days painting under the sun and rain, but I can say they were well worth it!

Plastic paint on birch plywood // 4x2x1mt // May 202

Traditionally letters are transferred to a wall or sign using a pounce pad to apply a thin powder over a perforated paper with the outlines. I am happy to say I finally streamline its rather time-consuming and sometimes dirty process using some up-to-date tools and techniques.

Since all my letters were already drawn in vector, I used a laser cutter to quickly make a perfect stencil for each word. Instead of the usual chalky mess, I decided to go with a familiar spray paint can to paint the outlines.


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Signs for Freedom

Street Art Sign Paint instalation for No-Walls Oeiras Festival.