Custom monogram

Luís Guapo Murta Gomes is a Portuguese writer that asked me for a monogram for his personal identity. From the start, it was clear that he wanted a victorian style monogram, with a lot of details and interlocked letters. We settled on the four letters of his name L-U-I-S. To make the emblem a nod to the past has he intended, but also usable with modern technology I drew two versions that work has optical sizing. One is completely hand-drawn with fine liners, shaded and detailed, while the other is a flat digital vector. The first one can be used in larger scales, as a decorative element; the latter can be used in much smaller applications and can be mechanically reproduced, eg. in lacquer stamps.


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Luís Monogram

Monograma de identide pessoal para o escritor português Luís Guapo Murta Gomes.