FLATTEN IDENTITY?. 2016 @ Inês Cardoso

Since the introduction of the internet and digital technologies, we have infinite quanta of information, visual imagery, personal communication and impersonal text available to us anywhere and at any time. Also, the development of communication technologies has led to a serious decline in reflective thought, as we gradually get used to the forms of communication increasingly short and quick, our brains also are becoming more capable of quick and short transmissions. The decline of reflective thought, correlates with the decline of the importance with which it views the morality and the increased importance that is faced hedonism and image.

Social networks directly quantify how influential someone is; followers, likes and comments are coins today. When managing a particular account consisting of personal thoughts and images, it is hard not to see these numbers to some extent as a measure of the value that each has. As it is difficult for the mechanics of these mass communication platforms has no impact on what we think and how we think.

Things in the past have always been considered essential to a rich intellectual life, as contemplation, reflection and introspection. If we are constantly interrupted, we could never work out these ways of thinking more attentive and focused. One of the things we know about the mind is that the ability to pay attention, think deeply about something, focus and focus actually activate many of our cognitive processes, such as critical thinking, memory, logic, conceptual thinking and some forms of creativity.

Human beings love to get new information, and there is a kind of obsession to be on top of knowing everything, but it pushes us to a form more primitive thinking in which we are constantly changing our focus. But what use is it if you rush through each new model of information without reflecting on it or thinking about why you're doing it? There's so much out there that by the time you've skimmed through all of yesterday's headlines and moved on to today's, everything you've taken in can seem like old news. Going back to that existential dread that can tend to set in around bedtime, one way to get rid of it and live meaningfully could be to go offline, be bored, and actually think about what you're doing instead of stalling yourself with daily mundane tasks and digital distractions. Have you ever had a better excuse to do absolutely fuck it all?





The FLATTEN IDENTITY? project is based on the theme of identity crisis for Skopje contest 2016.

Special Thanks:

Models - Ana Abrantes and Fernando Queiroz

Making of - João Rodrigues https://www.behance.net/jowrodrigues


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