Noezybuckets x Slunks

Noezybuckets Slunks's Special Edition

Noezybuckets It's a Volleyball Community, owned by DUSTIN WATTEN - professional volleyball player, World Champion in 2015 with USA - that is revolutionizing how athletes (mainly US athlete-students) train/practice/play, giving them tools to develop their game, by working 1v1 with a pro-athlete.

Slunks is an american beachware company, that turns recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, to make athletic apparel

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Noezybuckets | Slunks

Pattern 01

Pattern 02


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Noezybuckets x Slunks

I was invited to design a pair of shorts (Slunks) for Noezybuckets Volleyball Community. The briefing was to be inspired by the "80s Venice Beach vibes". These Slunks won't be available for sale, just for athletes members of this community