Custom Typefaces for Facialteam (2022) @ Brígida Guerreiro para Nuno Tenazinha

Custom Typefaces for Facialteam

by KOBU™ Foundry

Designing a brand universe for a company with the level of service that Facialteam provides to transgender women required us to step up the game. The decision was very clear: we needed to design custom typefaces to imprint this sense of uniqueness to Facialteam. Our type designer, Brígida Guerreiro, created three different typefaces: FT Headline™, FT Text™ and FT Icons™.

FT Headline™ is a digital typeface designed to be exclusively used on titles. Its grand and elegant design is a tribute to transgender women, visually exploring the sans serif charismatic beauty. Its weight contrasts best with the embedded humanist style and allows the message to stand out.

FT Text™ was created specifically for subtitles, body text and descriptions/captions.

It is an hybrid between the grotesque and humanist styles, resulting in a perfect match for readability. Additionally it offers a set of basic and special ligatures allowing sublime typographic compositions that perfectly suit subtitles.

FT Icons™ is a font designed to feature Facialteam’s iconography, allowing the team to easily apply the brand’s icons across print and digital touchpoints.

You can check FT Headline™, FT Text™ & FT Icons™ in action at facialteam.eu

Creative and Art Direction Brígida Guerreiro

Type Design Brígida Guerreiro / KOBU™ Foundry

Iconography Design Daniel Gomes

Photography James McCowan

Type Specimen Brígida Guerreiro

Models Brígida Guerreiro, Catarina Marques


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Custom Typefaces for Facialteam (2022)

Custom Typefaces for Facialteam - Facial Feminization Surgery by KOBU Foundry, a type foundry by KOBU Agency.