The problem.

Refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced individuals, and stateless people are included in this category. People have to leave their homeland for a variety of complicated reasons, such as war and other forms of violence, lack of work or other possibilities, inadequate access to healthcare and education, or the desire to rejoin with relatives who have already emigrated. Populations will increasingly be impacted by climate change, too. Numerous displaced persons have travelled perilous distances and now confront numerous dangers and difficulties in their new homes. 

The Solution.

The most effective approach to assist a use refugee or asylum seeker is to join them, to connect with them, understand what they go through, and make them feel like a valued member of society. Of course, relating to them helps, but we can’t stop there, after all, they are beginning a new life in a new nation and there is a significant culture shock, so there are many measures to do in order to adapt into society. 

This project’s objective is to assist the Displaced (refugees and asylum seekers) in feeling integrated by developing a support map to assist them in finding places that can provide them with emotional and financial support, focusing on their needs and coming up with a solution. This map will not only reveal spaces where they are assisted but will also point out attractions in the city that will help them build their new lives and embrace a new culture, and this is where we stand our ground since our project’s inception. 

We also created a Support Box, which will contain goods for those in need, such as a SIM card and a used phone that might be donated as part of a public awareness campaign, our own Support map, and the Asylum Support Application Form ASF1 to request funds from the Home Office.

The development book for the project is shown below, along with some of the steps and research that went into it. The book's goal is to "wake up" readers' consciousness and bring a truly painful story to their eyes, thereby making it memorable.


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Dignity in Displacement

Um projeto criado para o Student Design Awards - RSA de 2019, seguindo o brief "Dignity in Displacement". Com a intenção de atacar o crescimento dos Refugiados. O projeto foi criado com intenção de criar algo para ajudar e não alertar.