Discover Comporta @ Mario Cebola

A true paradise, only one hour away from Lisbon. 

Terras da Comporta was conceptualised in perfect harmony between nature and architecture. This synergy is what makes this a unique place.

An exceptional and rare place where nature defines the pace.

It took a long time, precisely 170 years of experience, to raise Sandeman Aged Tawnies to the highest level. That’s why Sandeman Veil celebrates human tenacity, which makes us capable of overcoming obstacles, of resisting the greatest challenges, of improving over time

How to tell a story of more than 170 years?

It's the ambiance and mystery that make this product unique. So why not translate this into the communication itself?

An exclusive guide

To enhance this experience, the user is guided by a storyteller voice, who gives body and dimension to the website.



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Comentários 2

  • Nuno Guerra
    Nuno Guerra
    Parabéns! O conceito tá incrível e a experiência final no site tá top!
  • Mario Cebola
    Mario Cebola
    Nuno Guerra obrigado. Espero continuar a inovar nos meus projectos e trazer mais valor para industria Portuguese👏 🤙

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