“You are now here. You are open to risks, experiments, and are fearlessly advancing into the future. But at the same time you are growing up as a designer in a world in crisis, with revolution happening all around you.”

I’m open to risks every single day in this world like a designer and human being, and like it says in this proposal, I’m growing up in a world in crisis. In my opinion the biggest and the worst period that we are passing through is not only the economical crisis but also the crisis of values. Nowadays people are able to everything to have what they want for herselves. Are able to go agianst to their princeples. Today those persons can forget what their ancestors thaught them, and like I said before, for me that is the worst crisis of recent years. I believe that we have to survive in this “jungle” but we don’t have to leave the person that thaught us to be to live in this world.


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