Design a killer landing page with cool animations

Trabalho freelance - 500 - 1000 EUR

Tipo de projeto: Web Design
Orçamento: 500 - 1000 EUR
Prazo de entrega: O mais depressa possível

Descrição do projeto:

Olá, o briefing vai abaixo vai em inglês porque o projeto tem que ser todo feito em inglês e poderá necessitar de contacto com o cliente. Mas a conversa connosco e a resposta a este orçamento pode ser feita em Português.


Our client already has a website and wants to launch a new landing page focused on a new product: an API for restaurant owners to integrate meaningful food and raw ingredients data into their IT systems. E.g. to create better menus that are carbon-neutral or reduce food waste.

This Landing page must have a very modern design and a high-end technical feel, since it targets developers anyway, but while still maintaining a clear simple layout that the target audience can easily read, understand and interact with (restaurant owners and food chain IT admins).

Client inspirations are:

  • https://stripe.com/en-gb-pt: Mix between bold and small typography and good use of images. High-tech feel.
  • https://orbisk.com/index.html: for the structure of information (content-wise).
  • https://bluehorizon.com/: Really bold design and interesting use of colours.

Other potential inspirations could be:

  • https://www.my-drink.ch/ - Very simple page with smooth scroll and simple vector animations
  • https://intro.sef-growth.ch/ - Scroll based animations and simple but beautiful design
  • https://github.com/: Cool interactions and very developer oriented messaging

It'll be only one page but with multiple sections including a Hero, an about section, features, maybe a calculator, pricing section and contact means.

The following activities need to be performed (in order):

1. Research and Moodbard

Search for websites, images, materials, text and other design elements to gather inspiration. The outcome is a document that's representative of the final design's style that the client will need to validate. We may require you to meet with the client as well to explain the creative concept behind the research (in english).

2. Wireframes

Sketch the page's structure focusing on the function rather than form. We are considering max 4h for the wireframming activity followed by one or two rounds of feedback. Needs to work in Figma.

3. User Interface Design (UI)

Design of all the components in a visual interface. In this stage, all details of the Client’s branding elements need to be considered, such as typography, colours and visual language. Make sure to also suggest animation effects (entrance, scroll or hover) to make the page feel more interactive.

Design need to work in Figma.

Including feedback loops the project should take about a week, max 2. No coding is necessary, only good design.

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