The color assumes a primary role in this project. Color communicates an idea, and emotion, builds its own language and, most of the times, has a symbolic association. Based on a research about how readers experience the books, the majority can associate a story to a specific color. This happen because the author refers a color in the book or because the story has details that brings up color associations. (i.e. On "As Intermitências da Morte", the personification of the Death sends violet letters to people that will die soon. on "1984", George Orwell portrays the totalitarian society, the violence and fear is associated with the red color. Since color is so important here, the illustrations are suitable for color blind people. On top of each color there is a "Color Add" symbol, developed by Miguel Neiva Design (www.coloradd.net).


Recomenda as competências de Ana Oliveira

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