Manipulações is a project of experimental Photography. It was meant to explore the multiple types of errors during a phographic revelation. Errors while reveling the Film and errors while reveling in the lab.

Errors in the film

  1. Miss close the tanque in which you are revealing the Film
  2. Let drain slowly the chemicals while getting a pick of light.

This will result in cloudlike things in the photography

Errors in the lab

  1. Saturation of the Fixador,
  2. Sobreposition of photographies while its fixating,
  3. Having orange tonalities (fixador didnt work on that area)
  4. Saturation of the Revelador (gives a green tonalities)
  5. Rotate the switch that zooms in and out the image while leting the paper exposured to it,
  6. Solarization
  7. Taking sudently the paper from the Revelador and let it drain.

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