Escola de Dança, Matosinhos Porto @ Joana Ferreira

The site chosen in Matosinhos, is a land with incline very large with about 7m, and thus it is necessary to understand how we can embrace the modern, the new, consolidated in the city.

As a public building, includes a grid number of people to access, and how school asks even more understanding of the distinction of spaces with public and private character.

In this project, the deployment settled in the area attached to the terrain at an elevation higher, by developing the lower elevations, more approximate the lower areas of public space. this way, I include private areas closer to the consolidated area (alignment with the design of the boxes), keeping the altimeter. Therefore turned the public areas for the public space, the square created on the edge of the street with an altimeter with a closer relationship with citizens.


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Escola de Dança, Matosinhos Porto