Coyote Magazine - issue 28 illustrations @ Ana Soraia Santos Mendes

The illustrations below were made for an article in the online magazine Coyote the article


by László Milutinovits and Natalia Chardymova, published by the Council of Europe.

It reflects on the work of this department, presenting all the quality standards it answers to and the work that has been already delivered throughout Europe.

Representation of the Youth Department (YD): a department in Council of Europe focused on providing training and educational activities since the late 1960s, early 1970s, aiming to promote youth citizenship, youth mobility and the values of human rights, democracy and cultural pluralism all over Europe.

Infographic requested by the client: Set of quality standards, defined to guarantee quality in all educational and training activities, provided by Council of Europe’s Youth Department.

Infographic inspired by the creative work of graphic facilitators, requested for Coyote Magazine.

Representation of Youth Department’s Trainers Pool (TP) - a group of trainers and educational consultants trained for the implementation of its programme of activities.

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The illustrations below were made for the edito article in the online magazine Coyote Issue 28

by Mark E. Taylor,

It serves as the cover of Issue 28, representing “those interested in youth training to share and learn.”

“Who or what has a stake in European youth(work) training?”

Image requested for Coyote Magazine, illustrating a little mapping exercise made by the editorial team.


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Coyote Magazine - issue 28 illustrations

Illustrations made for Council of Europe's online magazine Coyote, Issue 28, focused on the work of its Youth Department (YD).