A piano composer feels a strange illness the sound frequencies he hears are all mixed, an unbearable cacophony of noises fills his brain.

Confused he wanders the streets. In the midst of this extreme suffering he hears a beautiful music, the perfect symphony he searched for his whole life. Strangely, the music comes from sound speakers in a wild rave party and he is the only one hearing it. At home, he tries desperately to reproduce the sounds he heard but the piano refuses to play. Back in the streets, the city noises peak to an extreme that makes him loose all senses. As he is transported to the hospital by ambulance he senses moments where he recognizes normal sound frequencies. Moments where he doest not have visual awareness.

At the hospital he understands that in order to continue his musical composition his eyesight has to be sacrificed.

Menção honrosa– Classe Competição Flathead Lake International Cinemafest 2014

Selecção Oficial – Estoril Lisbon Film Festival 2013 – Mostra Filmes MEO

Selecção Oficial – Classe Competição Fantasporto 2014

Selecção Oficial – NY Short Film festiva

Directors | André Miranda and Diogo Leitão

Screenplay | André Miranda

Production | Sebastiao Albuquerque

Cinematography | Rita Laranjeira

Sound | António Miguel Santos and André Sousa

Music | António Miguel Santos and Miguel Simões

Art Direction | Beatriz Silva


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