Laane Designs, a furniture brand, has a new line of sofas on the market: Flow. The marketing team wants to develop a campaign to show off the new product. Flow is a contemporary sofa that was designed to fit any interior style and it's meant to be a flexible solution for interior designers. 

The brief: 


- Create image boards to present the product according to the language envisioned by the design team. 

- Create a 3D product animation to be the main focus for the campaign. 

- The marketing team wants to highlight the versatility of Flow, show that while it is a contemporary piece it fits well even on a more classic setting. 

Disclaimer: This is a fictional personal project. The sofa used is Ada-Mame by B&B Italia.I don't own any rights to the product. 


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Flow - Motion Graphics

I wanted to focus more on 3D motion graphics related to product visualization so I started this personal project. After creating a brief and setting goals I started working and this is the final product. Hope you guys like it.