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Bruno Cirino is a Comedian/Music Producer. He started doing comedy back in 2012 after finishing Drama School and some Stand-Up Comedy and Improvisation courses. He has performed in many bars and theaters in the state of São Paulo/Brazil, where he was born.

In 2019 he decided to broaden his horizons and move to Lisbon, Portugal, where I met him. He was one of my first friends I also moved to Portugal in 2019. We became very close friends since then and I completely fell in love with the idea of deep-diving into his musical project and bringing colors and shapes to his experience.

Bruno’s goal is to bring something different from what audiences see in the mainstream comedy. That’s why besides doing regular Stand-Up Comedy, he brings an alternative approach to his show performing sketches, mime and music (original songs written, composed, recorded and mastered by him). Everything with the help of one hand controller that he wears during the concert. A true one-man show!

His first full-length musical comedy album “Empire State of Wine” was released on July 5th, 2023 with the singles “Immigrant”, “Cobblestones” and “Calling Brazil”. He is the first ever Brazilian comedian to record a musical comedy album in English.

“Empire State of Wine” is an album about my life as an immigrant in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. A tribute to my favorite place on earth."

- Bruno Cirino

Album cover

Track #1 Cobblestones ________________________________________________________Track #2 Immigrant

Album cover, album streaming sticker and social media release post

Track #5 Kebab _______________________________________________________________Track #9 Immigrant



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Bruno Cirino - Album & Tracks Art Covers

Bruno Cirino is a great stand-up comedian and an amazing musician. He then decided to combine both skills and create "Empire State of Wine", an album about his life as an immigrant in Lisbon, Portugal. "A tribute to my favorite place on earth.".